Ikard Takes Helm as President/CEO of AIF

HICKORY, NC - American Indoor Football (AIF) proudly announces Brandon Ikard as the new President/CEO of the American Indoor Football (AIF) league, effective immediately. Ikard will take over and play a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations, steering the league towards unprecedented success.

Under the leadership of Mr. Ikard, all operations will be managed by our experienced team, dedicated to elevating the league to new heights of success and excellence. With this change, we aim to bring fresh energy, innovation, and resources to the AIF, enhancing the experience for players, fans, and stakeholders alike.

In a brief statement, Ikard expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I am thrilled to take over and to lead the AIF into its next phase. I express sincere respect and gratitude to John Morris and Larry Clark for their foundational work. My staff and I are poised to take the next steps and in delivering unparalleled excitement to fans and opportunities for players."

Ikard also stated, “We are pleased to announce that John Morris, the esteemed Commissioner of the AIF, has agreed to continue his role for the 2024 season. John's unwavering dedication and vision have been instrumental in shaping the league's success, and we are excited to continue working alongside him during this transition period.”

Following the 2024 season, John Morris plans to transition into a new role as Senior Advisor to the league, where he will continue to contribute his invaluable insights and guidance to further advance the AIF's mission and objectives.

AIF is committed to upholding the integrity, competitiveness, and entertainment value of indoor football, and we look forward to sharing further details about our plans for the league in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for additional press releases and announcements regarding new initiatives, partnerships, and exciting developments that will enhance the AIF experience for everyone involved.

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