Final Decision Regarding Cedar Rapids River Kings Organization

For Immediate Release

Conover, NC - Following a thorough investigation into the actions and responsibilities of the Cedar Rapids River Kings, the American Indoor Football (AIF) League has reached a final decision.

The league acknowledges the organization's adherence to financial obligations and insurance coverage. However, concerns persist regarding deviations from professional standards.

As a result, Dominic Montero faces an extended suspension for the remainder of the 2024 AIF season. Additionally, Montero is mandated to complete a workplace sensitivity course. 

During the suspension, Montero is prohibited from attending River Kings events or engaging in AIF-related business. Drake Roach, President,  has been appointed to be managing partner and will oversee River Kings affairs in Montero's absence.

The AIF emphasizes its commitment to professionalism and accountability. League representatives will address any inquiries regarding this decision.

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