Amarillo Venom Partners with CBS/Paramount+

Amarillo, TX - In a landmark deal for indoor football, the Amarillo Venom, a proud member of the American Indoor Football (AIF), has announced a major broadcasting partnership with CBS/Paramount + for its 2024 home games. Additionally, games will be available on Hulu, and Fubo, as well as on both the team's and the league's YouTube channels, ensuring extensive coverage and accessibility for fans. This significant development will bring their 2024 home games to a wide audience across multiple streaming platforms. This partnership marks a new era in indoor football broadcasting.

Robert Reyna, Owner of the Amarillo Venom, expressed great enthusiasm for this new venture. "We are thrilled to bring the high-energy action of Amarillo Venom games to fans not just locally, but nationwide. This partnership with CBS/Paramount+ including Hulu, and Fubo signifies a new era for our team and the league." Reyna also extended his gratitude to Rick Kranz, General Manager of the Venom, for his pivotal role in securing this deal.

John Morris, Commissioner of the AIF, remarked on the significance of this agreement for the league. " This partnership is a landmark achievement for the AIF and a testament to the growing appeal of indoor football. The partnership with such prominent streaming services will undoubtedly elevate the profile of our teams and the league." Morris went on to say, “It allows us to showcase our exciting brand of indoor football to a broader audience and enhance the visibility of our teams and players."

Larry Clark Jr., Director of Operations for the AIF, highlighted the operational success behind this initiative. "Our team's dedication to expanding the reach and accessibility of AIF games has been unwavering. This broadcasting deal is a direct result of our collective efforts and vision for the future of the league.", Clark continued, "This broadcasting deal is a testament to our commitment to making AIF games more accessible to fans everywhere. It reflects our ongoing efforts to grow the league and enhance the fan experience."

Jesse Heninger, Director of Marketing for the AIF, added, "The opportunity to collaborate with these streaming giants opens up incredible avenues for marketing and engaging with a wider fan base. It is an exciting time for the AIF and especially for the Amarillo Venom. The possibilities for league-wide sponsorships and connecting with larger audiences are immense, enhancing the reputation of our teams and the league as a whole."

The 2024 season for the Venom is set to kick off on March 10th with a non-league game, building anticipation for the highly anticipated AIF Game of the Week on March 17th, featuring a high-stakes showdown between the Columbus Lions and Amarillo Venom at the Amarillo Civic Center. This season promises to be one of the most thrilling yet, with the new broadcasting partnership ensuring that no fan misses out on the action. Stay tuned for more updates.

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