AIF Announce Adjustment to Championship Format

Conover, NC - The American Indoor Football (AIF) member team owners have collectively decided to adjust the playoff format for the ongoing 2024 AIF Season. This strategic modification aims to streamline the postseason structure for increased competitiveness and operational efficiency.

The playoff format will feature a matchup between the top two ranked teams on June 14th, 2024. This adjustment simplifies the postseason proceedings, ensuring a clear path to the championship game.

Based on current standings and potential final rankings, the Columbus Lions and the Corpus Christi Tritons are slated to compete in this pivotal playoff encounter. Both teams have demonstrated commendable performance throughout the season, positioning themselves as formidable contenders for the league title.

The decision to amend the playoff format reflects the AIF's commitment to optimizing the league's competitive landscape while accommodating logistical considerations. By consolidating the playoff structure, the AIF aims to enhance the clarity and efficiency of postseason operations, benefiting teams and fans alike.

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